Ways to get rid of hair permanently at home


If you clean your hair in this way, new hairs will not form within 10-20 days.

You can get rid of body hair at home using the tool below. Applying this method 2-3 times prevents the hairs from growing again. The method was discovered by cosmetologists, but they have no complaints about its design. We offer you an inexpensive epilator at home. Shuqarinqi means getting rid of hair with sugar paste. This epilator is one of the oldest types of epilation. It was used in ancient Egypt and India. Many people still use this tool. The paste contains powdered sugar. You can prepare it at home or buy ready-made.

Preparation of Shuqarinqini

Take 10 tablespoons of granulated sugar, 4 tablespoons of water, juice of half a lemon or half a teaspoon of lemon salt. All products are mixed in a deep bowl and cooked on low heat. Cover the container and stir occasionally to prevent sticking. When the mixture boils, it becomes transparent and bubbles begin to appear. After a short time, the mixture changes color and takes on a caramel color. This happens about 5-7 minutes after it starts boiling. When the mixture is ready, it takes on the color of beer. The pot is then removed from the wood and left to cool slightly. It is enough to cool the mixture as much as you can handle. It is taken the size of a hazelnut and spread on the hairs in the opposite direction of the hairs 3-5 mm in size. After the mixture dries, it is pulled in the direction of the length of the hair. This procedure can be applied to the arms, face and legs. After the procedure, lotion is applied to the area where the hair is removed.

No new hairs are formed for 10-20 days during this month.






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