The secret of the young man who drove women crazy and put them to bed for 10 minutes – who was Benito Alvarado?


Although he looked congenitally dystrophic, he was thin, had a leathery bone, his head was large, and his legs and arms were as thin as rubbish.

According to, this young man named Benito Alvarado is XIX. lived in Spain in the 19th century.

She didn’t have a boyfriend until she was 19. Women were afraid of him and did not like his appearance. But then he managed to sleep with half of Catalonia.

The women who talked with Benito for 5 minutes enchanted him.

Even Benito, who misled married women, was burned by men.

Noble families were falling apart because of this.

According to the report, he did not stand next to the woman he once slept with. But the women were begging, shouting at the door.

But this adventure did not last long. Jealous old men and young men take revenge on Benito, who drove his wife mad and killed her with sticks.

Years later, Benito’s mother reveals her son’s secret. He was making perfume with a sex pheromone, and this perfume was attractive to women.

This aphrodisiac left without revealing the secret of the sexually effective scent.

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