See who she married-his ex-lover….


A 27-year-old girl in the US state of Ohio married the father of the boy she met at school and did not regret it.

Sidney Dean met her future husband Paul in sixth grade and met her son. When the romance of her youth ended, Sydney continued to communicate with her ex-girlfriend’s family and spent a lot of time with her father.

At first, the relationship between Sydney and Paul was friendly, but when the girl turned 16, it turned into a romantic relationship. The couple married in 2016, and Sydney became her ex-boyfriend’s stepmother.

The American admits that there are many ups and downs on the road to true love. Relations with relatives and friends who opposed the couple’s relationship were especially difficult. However, after a while, Sidney’s family had to come to terms with her choice, and Sidney was able to come to terms with her mother Paul.

Although the man’s children did not immediately accept his young lover, everything changed after the accident and family members gathered around him. Sydney supported her lover’s children and they helped her.

“I want people to understand that couples of different ages can truly love and care for each other,” the American said, noting that Paul is the best husband you can imagine.

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