Men who married the same woman met and became friends


In the United Kingdom and Wales, men found out they were married to the same woman, supported each other and became friends.

Karen first married in 1998 and divorced seven years later. In 2006, she began a romantic relationship with Peter Sherratt, whom she soon married. The relationship didn’t last long, however – Sherratt admitted that Karen was always hiding something, and it seemed like she was living a double life. The man’s suspicions were not unfounded – he began dating Christopher Thomas, an English woman married to Peter.

When the relationship between Karen and Sherratt ended, they filed the relevant paperwork, but they never officially divorced. The incomplete divorce process did not prevent the woman from accepting Thomas’ proposal and marrying him.

The woman’s third marriage lasted less than two years. Thomas filed for divorce after finding a divorce petition from Sherratt among Karen’s belongings. The heartbroken man put the document on the kitchen table and gathered. “At that moment I realized that our whole relationship was a lie and who knows how much more he cheated on me,” she said.

Two days after the breakup, Thomas discovered that Karen had already updated her profile on a dating site. She later contacted Sherratt and complained to the police, alleging that the British woman was breaking the law by marrying two men at the same time. A court hearing in 2014 resulted in Karen being sentenced to four months in prison and a £100 fine for marrying two men.

During the investigation, Thomas and Sherratta were barred from communicating, but after the verdict, the men finally spoke up and realized they had a lot in common. Over time they became friends.

There have been 25 cases of bisexuality in Wales in the last decade where people of both sexes have secretly married. According to Wales Police, three similar incidents were investigated in 2021.

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