IMPORTANT WARNING: In the second half of May, the World…


In the second half of May, the Earth will be covered with magnetic storms.

On May 16, activity on the Sun is expected to increase. Although this does not have a serious effect, weather-dependent individuals may feel their health is deteriorating.

Then, on May 20, there will be slight fluctuations. A mild magnetic hurricane is expected on May 24 and a strong earthquake in the Earth’s geomagnetic field on May 25-27.

Serious disturbances in the geomagnetic field can affect human health, causing fatigue, irritability and deterioration of general health.

Space weather with a magnetic hurricane primarily affects people at special risk. People with cardiovascular and other chronic diseases, especially the elderly and minors, feel more discomfort. Such conditions often manifest themselves in the form of impulsive headaches, increased weakness.


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