If you do, they won’t be able to see you on WhatsApp


Another hidden feature appeared in WhatsApp.

In addition to the known features of WhatsApp, there are also hidden features that many people do not know. One of these hidden features is to make usernames invisible to others.

Although the app does not allow users to create a blank name, you can hide or leave your name blank with a simple trick to protect your privacy.

Here’s a sneaky way to make WhatsApp “invisible”:

– First of all, open WhatsApp on your mobile phone and computer.

– Then copy these two characters ⇨ ຸ

– Then go to Settings in Whatsapp.

– Tap on your current Whatsapp name followed by the pencil icon.

– Delete the arrow icon (⇨ delete, the right mark will remain) and click OK to change your name.

– And your name on WhatsApp will be blank.

If someone adds you to their WhatsApp group, they won’t be able to see your name unless they add you as a contact.


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