How does lack of sex affect women? – 5 unpleasant results


Something that many are embarrassed to talk about or ask about. Scientists and psychologists have proven that sex is very important for women’s health.

If you refuse to have an intimate relationship with a man for a long time, he is waiting for you.

Sex is not only a pleasant process that helps strengthen relationships between people, but also a beneficial activity for our body and even our soul. Women who have frequent or regular sex are less likely to suffer from menstrual cramps and have a calmer demeanor. But women who refuse to have sex with a man for a long time will face unpleasant consequences.

sleep worsens

After orgasm, our body calms down and produces the hormones prolactin and oxytocin, which act as natural sleep aids. For this reason, those who have sleep problems often experience sexual problems.

In women, due to insomnia or insufficient sleep, the body begins to produce less estrogen hormones, which are responsible not only for the youth of the body, but also for sexual desire.

anxiety is growing

Our psychology is great. Both interact with his body. Not everyone has a romantic relationship with their partner, for example, you often feel stressed and anxious.

However, during physical intercourse with a person who is not indifferent to you, the body produces certain hormones that act as tranquilizers. Same serotonin. But if you deprive yourself of sex for a long time, anxiety and general tension in the body will increase.

memory is corrupted

Scientists conducted another study proving the benefits of sexual intercourse. It has been found that during intercourse with a man, activity increases in the hippocampus, which is responsible for long-term memory and the formation of new neural connections in the brain. Accordingly, in the absence of sexual life, memory will begin to deteriorate over time.

Self-doubt is growing

One is to love yourself and be happy in solitude, and the other is to receive incredible compliments from the man who deified your body. You can argue as much as you want about the benefits of compliments, but it has long been proven that a lack of intimacy does not affect self-esteem any better. By the way, it is the same in men. Which in most cases causes problems with libido later on

The body ages faster

Experts from Edinburgh’s Royal Hospital have found a pattern: people, especially women who have regular sex and orgasm, look 7-10 years younger on average.

However, women who have long denied intimacy with men, on the contrary, sometimes look older than their age. The hormone estrogen is responsible for maintaining youth in the female body and is produced below normal for those who forget about sex.

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