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Gala Dali, who was Salvador Dali’s wife and inspiration for many years, was born in the history of art in 1894 in Kazan, Russia, thanks to her husband.

This woman whom Dali loved very much was also a mother, a lover and a friend to him. Dali was not the only man in her life.

1. Salvador Dali and Gala.

An interesting character who always gets what she wants and tolerates all the whims of the artist offers an article on Gala Dali:

Gala, whose real name is Yelena Dyakonova, was diagnosed with tuberculosis and in 1912 was sent from Russia to a sanatorium in Switzerland for treatment, where she met the French poet Eugene Grendel. Losing his love for this girl, whom he called Grendel Gala (“holiday”, “festival”), he decided to marry her, although his family considered this marriage a mezzanine. The poet dedicated his poems to his beloved and, on his advice, published them under the pseudonym Paul Eluard.

2. Yelena Dyakonova – Kala Dali.

3. Yelena Dyakonova – Kala Dali.

“I will shine and smell like a woman of low morals, I will have well-groomed hands and manicured nails,” said Gala, who has already determined her future in France. According to her contemporaries, although Gala was not so beautiful in her youth, she managed to make an impact on society thanks to her unwavering self-confidence and charm. Dressed in trendy clothes, she went out into public with a set of cards in her purse, declared herself a psychic, and began to predict the future. The men called her a “charming Slavic girl” and reacted as if fascinated.

4. Kale and Paul Eluard.

She was 36 when she met 11-year-old Salvador Dali. The artist was very afraid of relationships with women and had never had an intimate relationship before. He admitted that the castle, which he called the “ghost demon,” not only evoked a feeling he had never experienced before, but also activated his creative abilities.

Gala is not only a source of inspiration for the artist, but also for her manager, who is the founder of the “Dali” brand. She made an offer to influential and wealthy acquaintances to finance her husband’s creativity. The artist, who no longer imagines her existence as a source of inspiration, signs her works as “Gala-Salvador-Dali” and Gala often said to her, “You will be the person I want soon, baby”.

5. Salvador Dali, Gala, Paul and Nush Eluard, 1931.

6. Castle and Salvador Dali.

7. Artist and inspiration.

Opinions in the press about the woman, whom Dali and the surrealists called “Gala-Catastrophe” were ambiguous: “The helpless and sensitive artist is fascinated by a rude and lucrative predator.” She was called a “greedy valkyrie” and a “greedy Russian whore”.

Castle was always as fun and playful as she wanted, and her husband was completely comfortable with her: “I let her have as many girlfriends as she wanted, and I even admire her for getting me excited.” “Unfortunately, I can’t have sex with five men at the same time,” Gala said.

8. Artist Salvador Dali. Left – “Atomic LED”. Right – “My naked wife watches her body.”

9. Artist Salvador Dali. “Portrait of the Castle with two lamb ribs on his shoulders.”

10. Artist and inspiration.

It is said that Gala gave expensive gifts, cars and houses to her girlfriends. 22-year-old William Rotlain, who helped many of her girlfriends recover from her drug addiction, fell in love with her, but Gala’s passion for her died when she failed her acting exam with Fellini. William died of a drug overdose soon after. Singer Jeff Fenholt, who plays the main character in the castle’s rock opera “Jesus Christ is a Superstar,” has denied any affiliation with the singer, although he donated a $1.25 million home and a number of Dali’s works.

11. Salvador Dali, 1959.

12. Salvador Dali, 1959.

13. Yelena Dyakonova – Kala Dali.

Feeling old, Gala asked Dali to buy her a medieval house in Pubola, where she held real parties. Her husband could only come there by special written invitation. Even this desire of his wife was in the heart of the artist: “This circumstance satisfied my masochistic tendencies (enjoying humiliation, humiliation, violence). The castle, as usual, became an inaccessible fortress. Excessive sincerity and lack of offers can be eliminated. any passion. and strengthens passion.”

14. Castle and Salvador Dali.

The collarbone of the castle, which collapsed due to carelessness in 1982, was broken. His health deteriorated, he spent the last days of his life in pain in the hospital, and soon died. Dali placed him in the back seat of a Cadillac and took him to the family graveyard in Pubola. The artist’s 7-year life after losing his inspiration was not life, but sad destruction and growing madness.

Despite going out with other women, Dali fell madly in love with his muse for the rest of his life. Another scandalous inspiration for him was Amanda Lear.



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