Bride CANCELED THE WEDDING because of the color of the groom’s face


In Bhartana, Uttar Pradesh, India, the bride canceled the wedding because the groom’s complexion was too dark.

The incident occurred on Thursday, July 7, at the wedding of Ninata and Ravi Yadav. At first, everything went according to plan: according to tradition, the bride and groom exchanged wreaths and began the wedding. The next part was the clockfera – according to this tradition, the bride and groom go around the sacred fire seven times and make offerings.

In the second round, Ninata abruptly refused to marry, demanding that the ceremony be stopped. She said that the groom who came to the wedding was not the groom she had met before. The girl added that her skin was too dark, she did not listen to the consent of her relatives and left the holiday.

The groom’s father applied to the police and asked the bride’s family to return the jewelry given to the bride.

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